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Diagnostic Methods - Class 07
Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Methods
By: David Botton

Taste and Apetite

Taste and Apetite

sweet sticky taste


damp heat in Spleen and Stomach

salty taste

kidney yin deficiency


Spleen deficiency

No apetite

food stagnation

usually deficiency in spleen and stomach

usually retention of dampness

bad breath

thin loose stools, no energy and pale tongue thin white coat

deficiency of Spleen and Stomach

Hungry but eating mainly at night

Stomach Yin Deficiency

Eating with no weight gain

stomach fire


Eating Makes it Worse

Disease cause is excess

Eating Makes it Better

Disease cause is deficiency

sour regurgitation

food stagnation

heat in liver invading stomach

bitter taste

fire in liver and gall bladder

fire in heart

bitter in morning

after difficulty in sleeping

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