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Diagnostic Methods - Class 07
Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Methods
By: David Botton

Chills and Fever

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Chills and Fever

Chills with out fever

Interior cold usually yang deficiency

deep slow week pulse

Chills Accompanied by Fever

at same time

usually wind-heat or wind-cold invasion

exterior invasion and at exterior


chills stronger

no sweating

pores closed do to cold

aching / headache

superficial + tense/tight


chills mild, fever stronger


pores open


superficial + rapid

fever can be either true or just subjective heat

chills are chattering chills or just subjective cold, ie. aversion to cold

Fever with out Chills

Aversion to heat

persistent fever

exterior heat invasion that enters interior

profuse sweating

severe thirst

surging purse - large and rapid

Tidle fever

Fever that becomes worth at a certain time of day

afternoon - evening

yin deficiency

thin little or not coat, red tongue


yang ming (ST, LI)  excess


Alternating Chills and fever

intermediate or Shao Yang Syndrome

Bitter taste in mouth

Stuffy feeling chest

Nausea / Vomitin

at intermediate level between exterior and interior organs

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