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Acupuncture Point Location
Acupoint On-Line Application to review and test your knowledge of acupoints
Acupoint Reference Database of Acupoint Information
AcuXo Comprehensive Acupuncture Reference Site
Meridians Excellent Meridian Pictures
Yin Yang House Acupuncture Information
Eastland Press Source to purchase Deadman CD and Deadman Cards
Redwing Books Site dedicated to sale of Chinese Medical Texts
Chinese Culture
WunderMoosen Learn about the Chinese Calendar
Jintu Information about over the counter Chinese herbals and patent remedies
Famous Doctors Illustrations of famous Historical Chinese Medicine Doctors
NCCAOM The NCCAOM is the organization that provides the board exams
South Florida Massage and Acupuncture Clinics
Shaare Tzedek Offering Acupuncture, Herbs, Tui Na, and Massage in Hollywood, Florida
World Massage Therapy Helping people with Tui Na, Shiatsu, Swedish and Medical Massage
A&A Medical supplies Inc Cheapest chinese brand supplies around, decent low cost needles.
Crane Herb Company Very good source for high quality herbs and supplies
Golden Needle Online Fantastic assortment of herbs and acupuncture supplies
LHASA Acupuncture and Clinic Supplies
Western Medicine
Conn Tutorials Videos on Western Physical Exam
UCSD ClinicalMed A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine

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