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Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine - Class 04
Introduction to the fundamental principals of Chinese medicine
By: David Botton

Types of Qi

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Types of Qi

Ying (Nutrient/Construction) Qi / (Rong Qi)

Form of Acquired Qi

derived from food essence

Derived from Food/Gu Qi

Produce blood and circulate with it in vessels

Yuan (Primary/Source) Qi

Form of Congenital Qi

derived from congenital essence

nourished by Acquired Qi

Stimulates and promotes function of

zang fu


function produces Acquired Qi

Material foundation of Aquired Qi

Root at Kidneys

Spreads via San Jiao (Triple Burner)

Other types of Qi

Zheng or Zhen (Vital / Channel) Qi

Flows in meridians

Basis of meridian function

influence function of 



Zang Fu

Derived from: Food/Gu Qi + Qing (Clean) Qi + Essential Qi of Kidney

Zang (Organ) Qi

Derived from: Yuan (Primary) Qi + Zong (Pectoral) Qi + Ying (Nutrient) Qi + Wei (Protective) Qi

Essential Qi of Kidney

 Kidney Essence (Jing) + Kidney Qi transformed from Kidney Essence

Kidney Qi Transformed from Kidney Essence

evaporation function of kidney yin and kidney yang

material base of kidney yin and yang from essential Qi in kidney

Xie qi

external invading qi exogenous pathogen

Wei (Defensive) Qi

Form of Acquired Qi

derived from food essence

Derived from Food/Gu Qi

Circulates outside of vessels

Protect Muscular surface

Defend against exogenous pathogens

Opening and closing of pores

moisten skin and hair

body temperature regulation

warm zang-fu

Zong (Pectoral/Ancestral) Qi

Form of Acquired Qi

derived from food essence

Created from: Qing (Clean) Qi inhaled by lung + Food/Gu Qi from spleen and stomach

Stored in chest - Ren 17

Promotes lung respiration

Promote Heart's domination of blood and blood vessels / heart beat

Maintain normal function of tissues and organs throughout the body when dispersed

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