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Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine
Introduction to the fundamental principals of Chinese medicine
By: David Botton

Class Notes
Class 01Theory of Yin / Yang
Class 02Five Elements
Class 02Five Element Cycles
Class 03Internal Organs - Zang Fu
Class 03Introductory Material on Internal Organs
Class 03Twelve Channels
Class 03Extra Fu - Additional Internal Organs
Class 03Internal Organ Relationships
Class 04Types of Qi
Class 04Fundamental Substances
Class 05Causes of Disease
Chart 04Flow of Qi Chart
Chart 04Blood Flow in Vessels
Mind Maps
Map 01Yin / Yang Mind Map
Map 02Five Elements Memory Map
Map 02Five Element Cycles Memory Map
Map 03Zang Fu Relationship Mind Map
Map 03Twelve Channels Mind Map
Map 03Extraoridnary Fu Mind Map
Map 03Internal Organs Introduction Mind Map
Map 03Zang Fu - Mind Map
Map 04Types of Qi Mind Map
Map 04Fundamental Substances Mind Map
Map 05Causes of Diseases Mind Map

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